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The Scorpion God: Three Short Novels

The Scorpion God Three Short Novels - William Golding I actually really liked these. The first (Egyptian) novella is quite amazing, and Golding's mastery in evoking "alienness" shines through best here (as well as in The Inheritors, which is for various reasons my favorite book of his). The second story is an interesting working out of a famous (and rather controversial) anthropological theory, but is probably the weakest of the three, since its plot doesn't really hold up properly, and the characters are a bit... wonky as well. The third (Roman) novella is absolutely hilarious, although again I found the plot a bit overwrought. Would probably have worked better over a larger stretch of narrative. So, all in all, quite enjoyable, although short, and quite possibly an unduly neglected piece of Golding's work.